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  • 작성자 : 그림책박물관
  • 등록일 : 2019-07-29
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  • Mon Tout Petit
  • 그림작가 알베르틴 쥘로(Albertine Zullo)
  • 글작가 Germano Zullo
  • 페이지 83
  • 출판사 Editions La Joie de lire
  • 발행일 2015-01-23

    This is a book about love, the passing of time, and the cycle of our lives. It is also about relationships. Slowly, page after page, the sparse black pencil illustrations on milky white paper tell a restrained, eloquently poetic universal story.



  • Enfantillages
  • 그림작가 Gerard Dubois
  • 글작가
  • 페이지 96
  • 출판사 Editions du Rouergue
  • 발행일 2015-10-14

  • This small book is an ironic account of the small cruelties children are capable of. Each double-page image is accompanied by a short text that leaves it up to the reader to investigate further. The muted colours against the white pages lend the narrative a lightness of tone, making the collection seem like an illustrated notebook from a period out of time.


  • 집으로 가는 길(The Way Home in the Night )
  • 그림작가 미야코시 아키코(Akiko Miyakoshi)
  • 글작가 미야코시 아키코
  • 번역 권남희
  • 페이지 40
  • 출판사 비룡소
  • 발행일 2016-10-31

  • With her story of a small rabbit, the author attempts to answer the question all children ask: what happens when we go to sleep? The illustrations alternate between the somewhat frightening darkness of the night, cosily lit homes and a mother’s reassuring hug. The author has crafted a magnificently illustrated heart-warming story for very young children gradually learning to accept the night.


  • Att vara jag
  • 그림작가 안나 회글룬드 (Anna Höglund)
  • 글작가 Anna Höglund
  • 페이지 80
  • 출판사 Lilla Piratförlaget
  • 발행일 2015-09-16

    The dilemmas and choices facing the young girl in this coming-of-age book are told with strongly evocative images. The passage from adolescence to adulthood is seen from the viewpoint of a contemporary woman. Told with great humanity, it never falls into the trap of stereotypes. 




  • 日がのぼるとき(When the sun rises)
  • 그림작가 고마가타 가츠미駒形克己(Katsumi Komagata)
  • 글작가 駒形克己
  • 페이지 34
  • 출판사 One Stroke
  • 발행일 2015-01-01

    Once again the masterful Komagata demonstrates that unstinting application and perseverance are the path to exquisite, aesthetically stunning achievements. Iconic forms, negative spaces, pointed detail and a lightness of touch are the ingredients that give this volume its universal poetic. The images remain impressed in the folds of memory like a sunset seen for the first time. 




  • Libros para mañana(Series)
  • 그림작가 Marta Pina 외
  • 글작가 플란텔 팀(Equipo Plantel)
  • 페이지 0
  • 출판사 Media Vaca
  • 발행일 2015-01-01

    Founded in the 1970s, this imprint returns to and updates a wide range of important political and social themes with the aim of opening young readers’ minds. Text and images encourage a broad-minded reflection of events.




  • Génération robots
  • 그림작가 윌리엄 그릴(William Grill)
  • 글작가 나타샤 셰도어(Natacha Scheidhauer)
  • 페이지 70
  • 출판사 Actes Sud Junior

  • 발행일 2015-03-04

    With the minimalist style of their expressive illustrations coupled with an informative, humorous text, the authors tell us how close robots are to man, and how useful they are in our daily lives. The future holds a “robolution”. 


  • 그림작가 William Grill
  • 글작가 William Grill
  • 페이지 80
  • 출판사 Flying Eye Books
  • 발행일 2014-02-13

    The evocative tones of the carefully researched images with their stretches of white ice accompany a factual yet expressive account of Shackleton’s fateful expedition.



  • Alle Wetter!(날씨 이야기)
  • 그림작가 브리타 테큰트럽(Britta Teckentrup)
  • 글작가 브리타 테큰트럽(Britta Teckent
  • 페이지 168
  • 출판사 Verlagshaus Jacoby and St
  • 발행일 2015-02-28

    An elegant book on weather phenomena. The exquisitely executed illustrations are also intriguing insights into evocative inner landscapes.


  • This is Prague
  • 그림작가 Michaela Kukovičová
  • 글작가 Olga Černá
  • 페이지 48
  • 출판사 Baobab

    In this book on Prague the authors take the reader on a fascinating walk across bridges, through traffic, parks and crowded city streets. Theirs is an artistic tribute to Šašek, using collage, drawing and cut-out paper. Very likely, other cities will follow.





  • Lisanak Hisanak (Tongue Twisters)
  • 그림작가 Hanane Kai
  • 글작가 Fatima Sharafeddine
  • 페이지 0
  • 출판사 Kalimat Publishing
  • 발행일 2016-01-01

    The inventive modular composition of this vibrant book combines a repeated series of simple geometrical shapes in primary colours. No exercise in abstract painting, it is an original attempt to give visual form to tongue twisters and the difficulty of pronouncing certain words very fast. Cleverly crafted juxtaposition of the images hides the words, which if pronounced wrongly, lead to an amusing jumble of the patterns.



  • Tres Portugueses bajo un paraguas (sin contar el muerto)
  • 그림작가 Inés Calveiro
  • 글작가 Rodolfo Walsh
  • 페이지 32
  • 출판사 Editorial Calibroscopio
  • 발행일 2015-01-01

    This book tackles a difficult topic – dictatorship and death. Told as a detective story, this Latin American classic is here accompanied by terse, highly effectively illustrations. The only exception to the different tones of grey is the red of the umbrella and a few other details. This singular use of colour symbolically drives home the absurdity and arbitrary nature of any regime.



  • 그림작가 Maureen Chadwick
  • 글작가 Manuel Peña Muñoz
  • 페이지 0
  • 출판사 Editorial Amanuta
  • 발행일 2015-01-01

    Publishing a book on proverbs for children takes courage. It takes even more courage to illustrate proverbs with images of traditional embroidery. Yet this book does just that, its measured tone evoking age-old crafts that together create what could be called a vademecum of magic formulae.


  • Conquistadores en el Nuevo Mundo
  • 그림작가 Pep Carrió
  • 글작가 Grassa Toro
  • 페이지 0
  • 출판사 Tragaluz Editores S.A.S
  • 발행일 2015-01-01

    Text, images and the book itself here comprise a harmoniously elegant whole narrating some of the most dramatic episodes in the history of the conquest of South America.





  • Pacho Rada, la légende
  • 그림작가 Johanna Benz
  • 글작가
  • 페이지 60
  • 출판사 Magnani Editions
  • 발행일 2015-03-12

    The sweeping flourish of the illustrations lends a mischievous irreverence to this book that speaks directly to the reader. The decisive use of colour here takes on symbolic significance. Empty spaces and apparently unfinished, floating lines are all carefully crafted. This is a book that combines graphic art and illustration to perfection.




  • Beautiful Birds
  • 그림작가 Emmanuelle Walker
  • 글작가 Jean Roussen
  • 페이지 56
  • 출판사 Flying Eye Books
  • 발행일 2015-05-09

    This alphabet book of birds is inhabited by a flock of extraordinary, vividly coloured feathered animals. A large format volume, it is beautifully crafted, the typography restrained and extremely elegant in both typeface and hues. The result is a vibrant picture of a natural and imaginary world.



  • La Mégalopole : Une histoire à lire la verticale
  • 그림작가 Cléa Dieudonné
  • 글작가 Cléa Dieudonné
  • 페이지 32
  • 출판사 L Agrume
  • 발행일 2014-10-30

    Unfolding this unusual accordion-format book, the reader discovers a large city, little by little, plane after plane, starting from high up and gradually moving downwards. A 3 metre vertical reading experience, the story begins in the clouds and ends up underground, passing through a wealth of joyful events and details, each a story in itself. 


  • Le case degli altri bambini
  • 그림작가 Claudia Palmarucci
  • 글작가 Luca Tortolini
  • 페이지 48
  • 출판사 Orecchio Acerbo Editore
  • 발행일 2015-08-20

    There are as many different lifestyles as there are customs. This book invites the reader to learn about different worlds, all viewed from the domestic setting. Not only explained by the text, difference is also shown with the images that take their cue from a host of artistic and illustration references. Rather than objectively explained, the world’s different households are described in terms of their human relations, features, atmospheres and the stories behind the people.


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