• Jin Xiaojing
  •  Jin Xiaojing, the author and illustrator of “I Miss My Grandpa,” in her workspace in Shanghai.

    “I moved to Shanghai after I graduated and have been here for almost a year. The big window, which allows light to enter the room in front of my table, is the reason I chose this place. And I also like to put two tables in the space; one for traditional art, which gives me more inspiration, and one for the digital work on the computer, which helps me to work faster.

    When I was a child, I would listen to my grandma talk about the past. She talked a lot about my grandpa, who died before I was born. His death affected everyone in the family. I saw that my grandpa’s life still existed in every family member who loved him. My love for my family made this book happen. Because I never met him, my imagination of him was unlimited. I imagined grandpa integrating with the universe, rich, abstract, and detailed. Sometimes I can feel the intangible world when I see the world with my heart. The same feeling occurs when I am doing creative activities as well.”


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